Redux’s Contemporary Tradition

What is Nike without the swoosh? What is McDonalds without the Arches? What is Redux without the murals? The Murals at Redux are probably the most “day to day” community engaging product they have, solely because when you drive down St. Phillips St. you can easily see it and the mural is changed over time. … Continue reading

Understanding Diagrams

On Friday, January 27th, our studio group met together to discuss diagrams that we had prepared the day before. These diagrams were meant to show different factors and conditions that would affect the placing, size, and overall designs of the different installations. It was realized upon our viewings of the drawings that most of us … Continue reading

Goals, Goals, Goals

After the client meeting things have really started to speed up.  We are starting to hit hard on prioritizing and dissecting the information we received in the meeting.  The group prioritized what they client really wanted and also project ideas that would be ideal for our studio.  We also began to look at ways we … Continue reading

Design Charrette and Weighing Potential Projects

The past two weeks of the project have involved meeting with our client, researching potentially what we can do for them over the course of the semester, and presenting our preliminary findings from the past week. For the next week, we are to produce initial plans for what it is we could potentially do moving … Continue reading

Site Visits and Client Meetings

On Friday, January 20th, Professor Pastre set up a time for us to visit the site of the new REDUX contemporary art center on 1056 King Street.  Although the interior is unfinished and still under construction, you begin to see the influences of the architect, Augustus Constantine, commonly known as “Gus”.  The intricate brick work and … Continue reading

Presentation of Research and Ideas to Client

On Monday, January 23rd, we presented research of history, precedent studies, and diagrams to our client, as we discussed the usability of the space at 1056 King street. In general, we felt as if we hit the ball park on the presentation. However, more diagrams would have been useful in communicating our thoughts and ideas … Continue reading

Preparing for the First Review

Over the last 10 days Studio V has been preparing  to lead a discussion with the client about what they are expecting. We have an understanding about the type of versatility that REDUX is envisioning. Right now we have blank canvas, and we are going to create a space that represents REDUX. At first we … Continue reading

Investigation Of Modular Walls

After our meeting with the Redux staff we had a general idea of the direction and criteria they wanted in their new location. most importantly the ability to change and adapt their gallery space per occasion. For artist, even the configuration of space can influence the way their work is viewed and in some cases … Continue reading

Working With Gus

Redux is embarking on a move that is going to change Charleston. They are creating an atmosphere for artistic ideas flow and a place for the greater artistic community of Charleston can have communal space. This community is progressive and will effect the surrounding neighborhood in a positive way. Redux is in a city that … Continue reading

After The Meeting

Last Friday, January 13, our studio group met with Stacy Huggins and Greg Colleton the Executive Director and Operations Manager of Redux. This meeting was to get a feel for the existing space of Redux and also to find out what they both have envisioned for the new location. After we departed, we were all … Continue reading