Dirty Hands Make a Clean Product

This past week we’ve really has the chance to get our hands dirty. We’ve been cutting steel and welding down the flooring. Today we have a lot to tackle in preparation for the weekend. Professor Pastre is driving up to Columbia to pick up the 2×4 steel in preparation for our weekend building where we … Continue reading

Building the Base

Wednesday was an exciting day for us here at the workshop! After the first shipment of steel came in Tuesday, we dove right into measuring out the new pieces of steel and marking up the trailer. We decided to divide and conquer and so two of us continued using angle grinders and cutting discs to … Continue reading

Supplies Are Coming In

It’s an exciting time at the shop. Pastre has been talking to companies about donating materials for the project, and they are coming in now. We’ve gotten some steel tube, steel angle, and the steel grate. These supplies will be used for the floor foundation and the flooring. We’re using steel tube for the sleepers that … Continue reading