Welding: The Craft

After a somewhat frustrating few weeks, Studio V is ready to release some steam. In order to do this, we're going to weld! For a group of 7 undergraduate architecture students, construction is a mystery. Because of this, the last few weeks of working on construction documents have been extremely frustrating. We are all pretty [...]

Just Your Average Trailer Breakdown

As mentioned in the last post because of the rain we were unable to work on the metal framing of the trailer, however, today was extremely productive. We cut through the sides of the trailer with the portable bandsaw, as you can see in the featured image when clicking on the blog. Also, being done [...]


Over the weekend we were shown how to use a plasma cutter in order to remove the pieces we don’t need on the trailer and start building on top of it. It rained on us Sunday so we couldn’t dive into it as we planned, but today we will be getting to work on the [...]

Welding Practice

After receiving our welding lesson yesterday, we have to practice before acquiring the materials for our Vat Shack. We will practice cleaning the steel with a wire brush head, grinding down chamfers, and welding pieces together. This is a pretty straight forward process that requires practice to master. Our first task is to attach the [...]

Sparks Will Fly

Here at the shop we are gathering materials and preparing to weld!  To begin with we all need proper training and practice before we work on the vat shack.  So today professor Pastre will be teaching!  I am very excited, this will be an important skill to build the vat shack but will also give [...]

Loose Ends

We're back from Spring Break with a lot to do before we start building. Last Friday, we realized that we still had a lot of loose ends with our design and our drawings. We decided to stay after studio to finalize our design and understand what we had to do over Spring Break. We developed [...]

Finishing Up!

After a great conversation with Kathryn and Rachel from Enough Pie on Wednesday, Studio V is moving forward in our Construction Documents. There were a couple changes to be made in the "Modular System” but so far everything is progressing nicely. Today we will meet with Kevan and show him our construction documents and discuss [...]


Yesterday, Enough Pie visited us at the wood shop to see how the construction documents were coming. In addition to the construction documents, we also presented the mock ups of the trailer details we had shown. Our papers are now completely covered in red, and we will be working to fix them for Friday when Kevan Hoertdoerfer stops [...]


Today we will meet with Enough Pie and Architect Kevan Hoertdoerfer to show them the mock ups and construction documents we’ve been working hard on for the past week. We’ll be able to show them at a smaller scale how things connect and how they will open & close. This is a great opportunity for [...]

Never board in the woodshop

As time ticks down to our construction deadline, we vigorously work to finish digitally designing all the details of the Indigo Vat Shack. We are also converting these details into legitimate construction documents that will aid us in the construction phases after spring break. Construction documents can be very detailed and complex, containing a plethora [...]