On Friday we met with structural engineer John Moore of 4SE, Inc. to get feedback on the details and framing we have come up with for the Vat Shack as well as the structure of the trailer we will be using to build the shack on. We got some very good criticism from Mr. Moore [...]

Structured Criticism

After our pin up with the incredible ladies of Enough Pie, we gathered as students to accumulate all our information and filter through it. Our single design received a large amount of positive feedback. We were extremely pleased to hear that the non-profit organization, Enough Pie, and the artists enjoyed our final design. We are [...]

Today Was A Good Day

Today we once again had the pleasure of meeting with the lovely ladies from Enough Pie! This time we were able to present them with a design that was for the most part suitable for the needs of both the artists and the events Enough Pie will be holding with the Indigo Vat Shack.  Though [...]

Presentation Day

Today is the day, presentation day that is! After several weeks of researching and numerous design schemes, we have finally completed our design and are ready to present it to the indigo artists and the directors from Enough Pie. For this presentation, we pulled out all the stops and have everything needed to make sure our [...]

Tough Turnaround

Today and tonight we'll be working hard to get our presentation ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow is the final client review before construction. We've been working hard figuring out joints and the layers of our project, to meet the client's needs brought up in the last review last week. We've been working on a site plan [...]

Executing The Details

As a 7 member team, we are all hands on deck as we finalize the Indigo Vat Shack designs. After much hard work and collaboration, we have finished up the layout of the Vat Shack. Our main design concept is a system of layers. This concept will help inform us in figuring out the details, such [...]

“Teamwork Makes the Dream Work”

As mentioned in the last couple of posts we, as a studio, are still narrowing the final idea down and refining the details. The featured image for this article is an example of how we are trying to redesign based on the feedback during the last client review. At this stage, we are trying to [...]


  Having 7 individuals with different design mentalities converge as one to form a large group after working in small groups is tough task. But after working in small groups having all 7 of us together will equal an exciting design phase as we normally don’t work in groups of more than 4 people. As [...]


The day after our group pin up with our clients we met as a group of 7. This was a very important time for our team. During the pin up, we (the students, Dave Paste, Enough Pie, and the artists) filtered the 3 groups ideas down into a basic, generic plan that we could later [...]

Group Presentation Complete

Yesterday we were able to meet with our clients from Enough Pie and some of the artists who will be using the Vat Shack.  The review  went very well!  We received feedback on things that needed to be added and things that needed to be taken away from the current vat shack designs.  One crucial [...]