Today is the last class we meet with and get feedback from professor Pastre on our ideas before finalizing them over the weekend in preparation for our review on Monday. The class has been working very hard this past week to come up with some innovative designs that are practical and meet the client’s needs. [...]

Countdown to Individual Pin-Up

As we countdown to our review this Monday, February 1st, we have to narrow down our ideas, utilizing precedents. By class tomorrow we should be focused in on a single idea or torn between two, well thought out ideas. We must start implementing our structural plans to our concepts now. Each of our individual designs must [...]

One on One

As we continue our individual design Professor Pastre has helped us narrow down our numerous ideas to one excellent design that will create an environment that allows the artists to utilize the space to it's maximum capacity!  There are exciting ideas on the table including the use of pulleys and counter weights.  Many ideas also [...]

Refine the Design

Yesterday, Studio V continued its study of independent designs for its semester project, the Indigo Vat Shack. We took the weekend and further developed our simplistic initial ideas and began to limit what all would be included in our plans and what could be omitted. By refining the design, we were able to go deeper and discuss [...]

Narrowing It Down

After meeting Friday for studio and having desk critiques, we've been charged to continue our independent designs over the weekend. While continuing taking in precedents and thinking in terms of work areas and not objects, we need to start narrowing down our independent ideas. Also, we need to think in terms of possible plan configurations [...]

Unfolding Our Ideas

Right now in the designing of the Indigo Vat Shack, we are all working hard to create as many ideas as possible. We are sketching and researching ways the shack can expand, collapse, open and unfold. Though many of the ideas we may come up with are implausible  for our type of project, they can [...]

The Design Possibilities are Endless

The studio is on it way to being filled with plenty of designs and inspiration for the Indigo Vat Shack. The walls are no longer just white as we pinned up for the desk crit with Professor Pastre yesterday. The individual design process will continue as we keep pouring out as many ideas as possible [...]


Now that we are done with the research phase, it is time to begin the design process. We have begun to design our own versions of the Mobile Vat Shack. Within the design phase we will take all the research we’ve gathered and apply them to our designs to get the best possible outcome for [...]

So It Begins….

Studio V has been working hard, researching all aspects of our Mobile Vat Shack. This has been a short, yet important and necessary stage of the project. Before the design stage, one must fully understand all features of what you will be dealing with. As a group we have separated  all of our information into [...]


Small buildings have always had a particular appeal. Micro works of architecture inspire an enduring charm that exceeds their function, even if that function is to be a pleasing decoration in the landscape. There are a variety of reasons for our infatuation with little forms. The miniaturization of architecture reduces it to a human scale [...]