The definition of redlining when it comes to a document is " a process by which changes are identified between two versions of the same document for the purposes of document editing and review".  There is another definition about redlining an automobile, and that is when a person drives at or above the cars maximum rpm.  Both of [...]

SketchUp: Its Like a Puzzel

As the deadline for our construction documents quickly approaches for today we had to quickly make another 3D SketchUp model for the CropStop. But first let me say this- SketchUp works like a 3D puzzle. Sounds simple. Well it's not. Our most recent experience with SketchUp was kind of like when you're almost done with a [...]

Lets Go Racing!!

It seems fitting that exactly one day after the 2015 Daytona 500, the studio V group is racing against the clock to finish Crop Stop 2 construction documentation. By the end of the week, the group will have to finish up CD’s review and redline them, as well as make corrections and send them out [...]

Time for Construction Documents

After our review on Monday we are getting ready to finish construction documents to give to our engineer. We have made a lot of research and tried to make the best design decisions to finalize the design phase of Cropstop2. We received great feedback from the experts and now we are ready to finalized our project. [...]

Post Review

After our review Monday, we got a lot of positive feedback and also found plenty of things we need to put more work into. We've narrowed our materials down for the exterior, interior, and roof. We seem to be leaning in the direction of T1-11 plywood siding for the exterior, and PBR for the roof. [...]

Review Time!

This past Monday was our first major review in studio V. I think it went very well, we had great feedback on pretty much all of the components in the review of Cropstop 2.0. My specific part was the initial electrical and plumbing layouts. The reason I chose these areas is because I have a [...]

A week of finishes and CropStop 2

 This week, we focused on finishing work on Crop Stop 1,analyzing possible implications and improvements for Crop Stop 2. Today during our review, we were able to discusses modifications of the Simply pieces and procedures,  exterior skin treatments, interior walls, possible roof materials, gutter systems, details for the windows and doors, and finally the electrical [...]

Crop Stop 2 Review

Last night was a long night leading up to our first critique of the semester.  We've been thinking and designing the finishing touches for the structure in Greenville, but today is the first time the professors are able to see what the class has been working on.  Some of the topics that needed resolving included [...]