Design Process

During the past weekend we had the opportunity to collaborate with other team members from Clemson and know more about how the design process functions. The design process gives us the opportunity to develop the final product and look for areas of improvement. While we found some problems while constructing the mockup for Cropstop 2, [...]

Framing a View

While half of the studio has been building the freezer door, as talked about in the last post, the other half of us (aka the girls) have started work on the casing for the windows of Crop Stop 1. First, taking dimensions of all the window and door openings, and then sorting through the wood [...]

Final stretch for Crop Stop 1

After a very productive weekend working with the Solar D team, its back to work on our other project. Moving forward with Crop Stop 1, we are working on fabricating the cooler door and also putting the wood trim around all of the windows and doors. The cooler door is going to be composed of [...]

Wrapping Up The Weekend!

What a weekend!! Though a tiring weekend, it was so much fun meeting the Solar D team and starting the mock-up construction of Cropstop 2 with the sim[ply] construction method. During the construction we took notes on improvements that can be made for the future Cropstops. The Solar D team also took notes on how [...]

Getting Ready for the Weekend

This week we have continued getting ready for the team from Clemson that is coming down with the kitchen pieces for Cropstop2.  By purchasing the wood for the foundation of the new structure we will be able to finish what is needed for the weekend build.  The foundation will consist of 2x12's, 4x4 posts, and [...]

A Team Effort

    The long weekend did indeed end with the StudioV team collaborating in studio for the first time this semester. The collaboration involved a group effort to understand and interpret the existing CAD files for CropStop 2. After analyzing these files, significant time was spent preparing the existing documents for review by the engineer. [...]

Long Weekend = First Night in Studio

We may have not had school for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, but that doesn't mean we weren't hard at work.  After a week and a half of getting familiar with and working on Crop Stop 1 on John's Island, it came time to familiarize ourselves with Crop Stop 2 from Greenville.  This weekend, the kitchen portion of [...]

Electric safety

We are finally done with the painting! Now we have been working with the lighting of the crop. We have learned some electrical safety instructions during the process. One of the tools we used is called Amplified electronic tester. It is also informally called electrical tester pen, test pen, or voltage detector, that rely on capacitive current [...]

Time to Cool off.

After spending the last few days measuring and cutting the FRP panels, we discovered one slight flaw. They didn't fit. As you can probably conclude, this was not ideal... So we had to go back and trim some of the panels and dry fit them every time before actually gluing them to the wall. Which [...]