Operation “col·lab·o·ra·tion”

Now our studio enters into a new phase that its way to function is similar to a firm. We have Cropstop still going on, but also have solar decathlon newly introduced to most people. Our Cropstop is stepping into the final phase in both studio course and community 1:1 course. Cropstop studio still needs to design and prepare some pieces for finishing the build at Greenville in two weeks, including railing pieces and some support back row posts sandwich two-by-fours (they need to be routed to fit on foundations’ metal strips). Community 1:1 class is working on writing content for the core information that Cropstop going to send out, our brochure and our website. Simultaneously, we started  working on solar decathlon cabinetry. Because most people just reach the content of solar decathlon which only part of our worked on previously, we still in a progress to digest.

Imagine all of these work are covered by our Studio, Community 1:1 and ITC (intro to craft) classes but not every student is attending all of them. Some people may only have ITC but from different studio, some have both studio and community 1:1 class but not in ITC. This is fun! It is like a real world. You are always be a part of one project, not all of it or even just a tinny little bit of it, but you are still in. And truth is our three class multi-project group is functioning well, surprisingly. It is the power of collaboration of more than half of the population in CACC center. It is amazing.

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