Another Weekend in Greenville

This past weekend a group of four studio members made the trip back to Greenville to continue work on the Crop Stop porch structure. There were several tasks that remained; the following are photos documenting the weekend. Saturday morning, a great day for working outside. Former studio V member Max Streeter showed up to give [...]

Tagging Steel

The past few days for me have been spent fabricating the steel post members that will support the CropStop's handrail, which we will be installing this upcoming weekend. Specifically, the last three days have been spent finishing these posts. When you start building something from raw steel, there are various steps you have to take [...]

Help Me Help You

As you know our studio is working on finishing up the porch portion of the Crop Stop, as well as getting the cabinetry for the Solar D up and running. In order to complete the Crop Stop a few things are happening, first up in Greenville some extra site excavation is being coordinated in order [...]

Operation “col·lab·o·ra·tion”

Now our studio enters into a new phase that its way to function is similar to a firm. We have Cropstop still going on, but also have solar decathlon newly introduced to most people. Our Cropstop is stepping into the final phase in both studio course and community 1:1 course. Cropstop studio still needs to design [...]


Work continues forward among the studio V group, with a lot of focus being put into the development of the cabinetry for the Solar Decathlon project. While the cabinets are undergoing a refinement in design and details, the studio will continue buttoning up final details with the cropSTOP as well as documenting the process of [...]

The Box Trolls

Some of you may have seen the recent movie 'Box Trolls,'  some of you may not have.  The point is that the trolls of said movie wear and live in boxes; precisely what Studio V is preparing to do this week figuratively speaking (though I am sure once the mock-up begins that could become literal).  [...]

Getting Our House in Order

It’s been a whirlwind past week, and we finally have a chance to cool our heels for a little bit and get re-set for the next phase of studio.  We are going to be moving on to some work with the Solar Decathlon project – examining, designing, and building a mockup of the houses cabinetry [...]

Group It On

Ever work on a project and think: "If only I had people to help me do this"?   The more the merrier right?  This entire semester has been "group work", and while it is not uncommon in our education to work on group projects, this semester has been a little out of the ordinary. Starting [...]

Switching Gears

In the past few months, Crop Stop has always been firing on the front burner while Solar D sat on the back burner. Now with our porch almost completed in Greenville, Studio V is switching gears. We had our first studio meeting about where we stood with the Solar D cabinet design that also has to be built by [...]