Back to full swing!

It’s the beginning of the week and things are about to be back in full swing.  There will be lots for us to do going forward.  Over the weekend we were able to get the all of the walls attached and squared up, sheeted, and then the roof plates were installed.  Due to unforeseen delays, … Continue reading

Picture Perfect Framing

Thanks to our teacher’s help with the framing details for the chassis (and by help I mean complete overhaul of the original documents) we have completed the framing for all walls in the Crop Stop. After all the walls were standing, wouldn’t you know that they all fit together! Usually when I make things by … Continue reading

Give Me Some Skin!

The wall frames are up and it’s finally time to give the CropStop some skin! For the last couple of weeks, it’s been a little frustrating to deal with our learning curve when it comes to building structurally sound floor supports and wall frames. We’ve put them together and taken them apart so many times that … Continue reading

Cheops’ Law: Nothing ever gets built on schedule or in budget

Cheops (or Khufu in Egyptian) was the pharaoh of Egypt from 2650BC to 2630BC, and was the builder of the Great Pyramid at Giza. Studio V knows this for a fact, and put in two full days of work over this weekend in order to close the gap on the schedule. As of friday, we … Continue reading

Down to the Details

The initial phases of the build continue moving ahead as we refine the construction documents. After working for weeks on these documents, I’m eager to hop on board and get my hands dirty. However, there is still drafting work to be done. This project is all about the details, and we have quite a few. … Continue reading

Long Days, Longer Nights

After a great studio visit from Marlon Blackwell and his very interesting lecture, it was time to get down to business. As we get closer to the end of the semester, time is slipping and big moves need to start happening. So, Wednesday night I and two other students stayed up to push through all … Continue reading

Overdrive engage

We are now a week and a half on the build, and things are not looking so good.  The two icy storms already had put us behind.  This week rain has slowed us, but we have continued to work.  It is clear that all of us are getting a little nervous about finishing this thing … Continue reading

And so it begins…

Up until yesterday in the build we have only had to reinforce the chassis and build a full scale corner detail mockup. There had been no building of structure on the chassis. Yesterday, Nicholas Caro was the first man to begin the official construction on the CropStop, documented in this photo of him screwing the … Continue reading

Refurbish chassis? Check! Be a hero? TBD…

It’s already week two of the actual construction of the CropStop. At this point we have ground the rust off the surface of the chassis, reinforced the structure with steel, and coated it with three layers of paint. It actually  looks brand new with it’s matted black finish.We’re now ready to begin laying down the … Continue reading

Paint and Flooring

Today Studio V is finishing up the final welds to reinforce the chassis and starting to paint and frame the flooring of The CropStop. Welding has been a blast to learn and the chassis is going to look brand new after the fresh matted paint job. Nothing has stopped Studio V as most of the … Continue reading