Construction documents are due today for redline. After drawing and re-drawing this kitchen again and again I can picture the whole thing, down to the nails and screws. Having the builders (Studio V) draw the plans is a big help. Hopefully we won't have to refer to the plans for anything but the fine [...]

Ready or Not

Yesterday, Studio V made a short field trip over to the local Public Service Building to learn a little more about the permitting process and the steps that have to be taken in order to get construction documents approved. It was a little overwhelming to see hundreds of rolled up plans lying in piles awaiting [...]

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Studio V is almost at the half-way point of the commercial kitchen project. Like a marathon runner, the studio started fast out of the gate. The design process was fast and they were no limit to the ideas. In the small group design the pace slowed down just a little and the program was defined. [...]

Down to the Nitty Gritty

This Monday we continued to produce, examine, and refine our construction documents. We took an in depth look at things such as how our facade will attach to our exterior walls, corner details, as well as roof framing details, and how it will meet the walls. The team has also been refining the budget by [...]

Our kitchen has a home

  On Saturday, the studio made our war to Sangaree Homes & RV's, where our mobile chassis is located. We completed the demo work from last week and now our kitchen has it's base. Check it out:     Alright, it may not look like much now, but in a short two months there will [...]

In a “Door” Jam!

As we move forward from our review on Wednesday, it is time to get to work on the details of the project. There are plenty to choose from, from the roof structure to the ADA ramp. However, we have been challenged to figure out the best way to enter into the kitchen. The first thought [...]


Another review has come and gone and once again we find ourselves coming away with more questions than answers.  We came a long way in only a week in a half; a lot of problems were solved.  Mainly, the overall layout for the kitchen, all of it's components, including the bathroom finally works programmatically. It [...]

The Final Countdown

(begin playing this video now) 12:56 A.M. The whole studio continues to draw and model our final design presentation for the review on Wednesday. Shawn is working hard on our introduction video. Nolan is rendering out the site plan. Nick and Jamie are constructing the physical model. Chris is pricing out a proposal for the [...]

Septic Systems!

Nine preliminary plans have led us to one ultimate commercial kitchen design and Studio V is now incorporating a few last minute details. We had no idea what was in store when began researching the DHEC regulations for on-site wastewater systems, but, as it turns out, there's a lot of research and strategy that goes into the [...]

Demo Day!

This Saturday was the first day Studio V got to see the steel chassis; we plan on using as our foundation for the commercial kitchen design. The idea of building on a manufactured mobile home chassis is the affordability, availability, and mobility of a prototype design. When we got the news about two weeks ago, [...]