Enough delays, must keep moving forward…

This week’s winter weather more or less shut this city down.  Even so, myself and the others have continued to work diligently in preparing for a review.  I think I can speak for everybody when I say we cannot wait to move forward so that we can keep the ball rolling.  Tomorrow’s review is an … Continue reading

Everyone Loves a Snow Day!

The snow day has pushed back our review from Wednesday until Friday. A few of us met with David yesterday to discuss our designs and what we should change before Friday. As much as everyone loves a snow day or two, we are on such a tight schedule that it will be hard to make … Continue reading

Switching Gears

At the beginning of last week, I thought, for sure, that I would be doing my individual commercial kitchen design based on “cargotechture” construction methods. However, after further research, I have come to the conclusion that the idea of stick-building a new structure onto the bare chassis of an old mobile home, would be the … Continue reading

Rain, Shine, …. or SNOW

Being in Studio V there is no off day. In Studio V our schedule has been planned to make every deadline and focus on finishing our project on time.  Before this winter storm all of our individual designs were moving ahead just as planned. We still have a scheduled review this Wednesday, all of the … Continue reading

The Rube Goldberg Design Process

This Sunday, our studio met for a few hours in the afternoon just to see what everyone had got done and worked on since Friday. Professor Pastre was there to meet with us and got around to talk to all of us to give us inspiration and check to make sure we were all still … Continue reading

Find the dots, then connect

The studio is busy pushing ahead with individual designs. This portion of the project is great because it allows everyone to explore different aspects of the kitchen’s design, which gives us a large amount of content and direction to discuss as a group. I really enjoy the design phase of projects. There are things you … Continue reading

Starting the Design Phase in Studio V

As we start our first conceptual designs, we are all facing a huge question, “How are we going to fabricate and transport our commercial kitchen to site?” This is a very daunting question indeed, considering we would prefer to fabricate almost everything off site and then transport and quickly assemble on site. So, how are … Continue reading

Our first review and moving forward

  Last Friday’s review, our first, was helpful in many ways.  First and foremost, making an early connection with a vast array of professionals with involvement and/or deep interest in this project is very important.  This meeting was a way for everybody to get on the same page.  Although, as a studio, we used graphics … Continue reading

The First Review

The first review on a project with multiple critiques always feels like a testing of the waters. Usually a first review lets you see a little more clearly where a professor wants your project to go. The first Studio V review last Friday was a little bit different. We were not only presenting to professors … Continue reading

“Cargotecture!” This should be … interesting.

Well, our research is now in full swing, and low-cost, sustainable construction methods are at the top of my personal list of things to find and figure out. That being said, “cargotecture” is now a new word in my vocabulary. According to cargotecture.com, the word was, “coined in 2003 to describe a building built partially … Continue reading