What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been

What more can be said about this semester that hasn’t already been discussed? It has been 3 months of hard, time consuming work. I sit here a senior of the Clemson School of Architecture, now in my last semester, and I can’t count where the minutes went. I imagine most of it was somewhere between … Continue reading

Reflection on the Process

It is surely a different feeling going from non-stop, full day working on the pavilion, screeding concrete or bending rebar to quietly sitting at my desk in studio compiling all of the recently uploaded construction images. While we still have some buttoning up to do on the western trellis side early this coming week, it … Continue reading

An End and a Beginning

An End and a Beginning Posted on December 5, 2013 “You haven’t  just made a space, you’ve made a park.” I think I can speak for all of us when I say this comment by our client Harry Lesesne of the Parks Conservancy is still ringing in our ears.  Knowing that, with our small pavilion, we’ve made … Continue reading


I don’t think I’ve ever learned as much from any single class as I have from this design build experience. This is because every screw we drill, every piece of metal we spray paint, and (most importantly) every mistake we make is a new experience and thus a new learning opportunity. At this point we … Continue reading