Smoke em’ if you got em’

Up until now studio V has been keeping pretty quiet on the actual design of the community garden pavilion on this blog. I think we all wanted to place the emphasis on process and then to have the last couple blog post dedicated to the “unveiling” of sorts. The last couple weeks, particularly the last … Continue reading

The Art of Building

Driving up to the site today seeing Professor Pastre and my fellow classmates arranging columns around the slab was the first real taste of the building coming together. While it is crunch time, there are definitely moments of pause to think about how truly unique our pavilion will be. I honestly can’t wait to see … Continue reading

A Balancing Act

I’d say a 50/50 ratio. This past week we’ve been alternating from working at the shop and at the site. That is, we have been spending half of our time building the components of the pavilion in the shop and half of our time prepping the site for construction. The idea is that by performing … Continue reading

Emergency Response

Concrete is flowing out of the chute, 4 of us are frantically shoveling concrete to various areas of the trenches that we dug out, and 2 of us are leveling the concrete with a screed. Suddenly we hear “We aren’t going to have enough.” Everybody looks at the man who has walked out the truck … Continue reading

Please Allow Us to Pique Your Interest

It all starts somewhere. For us that somewhere started with a few strings and a little orange paint to denote the area of our site. That’s all it took for the community to take interest. By 9 AM on Monday morning the first visitor stopped by, Melvin. A man who had spent a large portion … Continue reading

Speed With Accuracy = Greatness (aka SWAG)

While I have participated in various construction projects such as Habitat for Humanity or Clemson’s Freedom By Design community builds, and have a general comprehension of how “things go together,” I am the least experienced of the group in terms of understanding the processes of building with wood. Every other member of the team is … Continue reading

Columns_Line Up

This Week, all the members of the Studio V are excited because we will put our plan and theory in to practice. On Oct. 30th, we started our work at the CAC.C wood shop. Firstly, cutting one side of the twelve 4″*4″ wood and cutting the angles on the other side to match the exact … Continue reading