In This Together

Now that we’re nearing the end of our construction document phase and moving into construction, I’ve been considering the unique lessons that design/build can teach you that the conventional studio system cannot. One such lesson that has become clear to me over these last few days is one of accountability. Accountability is crucial in any [...]

Learning Through Drawing

 It seems insane how fast this semester has progressed; we are just a few inches away from going into full on fabrication mode. But before we get there we have to make sure we have an adequate set of construction drawings to go along with building. It’s pretty interesting how this project has paralleled the [...]

Are You Mocking Me?

Last night and this morning began with a night of building. We finally began constructing the mock-up. Yiwen and myself worked on building the post to girder to beam detail at 1:1. After a night of coordinating to buy a couple extra pieces: the corrugated roofing, hardware, and an extra piece of framing; we set [...]

Keep your eyes on the prize.

It seems that I find many comparisons with this project to my own experiences. One that applies rather well right now, as we embark into a very condensed stage of construction documents, mock-ups and pricing materials, is racing. Running is a delicate balance of making the body as efficient as possible, beating the clock, and [...]

Filling in the Gaps

This phase of the project reminds me of a puzzle that is just a few pieces away from being done. The end is in site, and now the studio is just undergoing a process of filling in those last few gaps. At this point, we are articulating and fine-tuning our ideas, rather than producing new [...]

Frighteningly Detailed

Do details really matter? I mean, most of the people who come and see our pavilion won’t be architects, right? They won’t notice if we put effort into making this joint beautiful AND functional, right? I won’t lie, thoughts like that cross my mind all the time when I’m trying to design aspects of a [...]

“What is he building in there?!”

In Tom Wait's spoken word, he takes the perspective of a man who spends every night watching his neighbor, questioning his life style, questioning his morals. "What is he building in there? What the hell is he building in there?"  As an onlooker, the man's mind begins to wonder and finally resolves itself to the [...]

It’s All About The Details.

This new chapter in the design process brings to mind a research paper I wrote on the Buddhist tradition of sand mandalas. The patience and beauty of their detail work is phenomenal; every grain of sand must be placed in its perfect location or else the entire composition could be thrown off. While we won't [...]

Welcome to the Next Step: Detailed Design

In the morning of Oct. 1st, all of the members of Studio V gave the presentation to the Design Review Committee in order to suggest and introduce our process of design and purpose. For presenting better, we made three boards, one site plan model and one pavilion model. During the presentation, the members of the committee [...]