Old experience, new function

We worked on foundations for a long time and figured out a bunch of challenges during the process. Last semester, we had a class named assemblies and materials which was taught by Prof Harding. One of the assignments was making a foundation. At that time, I was surprised it a lot, why we need to design and build a foundation by hand-made casting. As we known, in modern building, we just utilized machine to pour or cast the concrete foundations. However, I still attempted to think about some of interesting ideas of my simple foundation. Some classmates selected cardboard to build mold and poured plaster into it. When plaster mixed with water, the mixture would destroy the mold. Almost all of the cardboard molds just utilized one time. For my foundation, I pasted some tapes on the interior of my mold which will be waterproof and much easier to move out. Thus, my foundation not only had smooth surface, but also had recycle mold. I am sorry for talking a lot about my history, let us be back for the GAP shed project. For the pin foundations, when we cast the concert, we need to keep the pin hole for the steel pipe. However, we cannot find out suitable PVC pipe to keep the hole with the same size. The only way, we could pick up is wrap the pipe with printing paper and membrane. They not only keep the same size as steel pipe but also easier to move out when the concert block dry. The idea is much closed to my foundation project in last semester. At that moment, I believed all of the knowledge is helpful, when you get some new idea today, it could be utilized in some day.



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