Hasta La Vista!

Final Review-As Nicole posted, we had our final review on Monday. Everyone worried about the weather that day morning, however, the weather had miraculously turned fine in the afternoon. The logo, which designed by Professor Pastre’s wife, Amy, makes the whole shed cute and shiny with recognition. Review went through fairly smoothly and easily. People … Continue reading

Open House

Studio V has almost finished our GAP shed. Since Friday, the shed has gained a lot of color! As you can see in the photos, we have finished building the roof, railings, counters, sinks, step, and cool room door. We also installed the Air conditioning Unit and the Coolbot. The bright aesthetic of the green … Continue reading

Don’t Tread on the Shed

Everyone! Wipe your feet!  The floors are undergoing the hose and squeegy treatment, so you know this means we are nearing the end.  Though there are more items on the list to be constructed and installed, it is finally getting to the point where we are taking care of details and “cleaning shop” around the … Continue reading

A dream

Today is an extremely exciting day. We finally finish the drainage system and received donation of gravel from a landscape firm. Thank you for all seasons. One day, I told my parents that we designed and built a drainage system for our GAP shed project. They thought a few seconds and said you achieved your … Continue reading

The Roof The Roof is……ALMOST DONE!

So today was a big day! All the trusses and perlins got attached along with a couple of pieces of the corrugated metal roofing. While this was happening on site today Ashley and I stayed behind at the shop to do some more painting. We finished putting all the trim pieces together and laid out everything that … Continue reading

Beams Up! Roof Ahead!

        Today was an extremely productive day.  We all met at 8:30 in the morning, loaded up the trailer with the roof purlins, and split up.  Pastre and Elppa went to Lowes to pick up the metal corrugated roofing, and the rest went to the site.  All we needed to do was … Continue reading

It is coming together!

ON Site-For this long weekend, Studio Vs keep working on site, Sweetgrass Farm. I am pretty sure that this experience would be my unique memory as a treasure. We had barbecue and nap there with cocks crowing and dogs barking. Foundation-Making sure of laying foundations on the right position and level is not easy. Deck-We … Continue reading


Today is an exciting day! We finally start to work on site instead of working in our work shop! In this morning, Henry, who is from Hughes Lumber, help us move the decks and our trusses to the Sweetgrass Garden. This afternoon, we take our first step to build on site. We start with our … Continue reading

(Almost) Ready to Move

Studio V has completed most of our big pieces for the GAP Shed – walls, decks, rafters, beams, and foundations. The past 2 weeks have been extremely busy, with non-stop work to measure, cut, assemble, sand, and paint. Assembling the large pieces on site will be like putting together a giant puzzle. I am a … Continue reading

It’s Building Inspection Time

Carl Simmons, the Charleston County Building Inspections Director, was gracious enough to meet Studio V at the shop today to look over our contruction so we can obtain our building permit on Sweetgrass’ site.  After completing the overview of our project and flipping through our CD’s, we showed Carl around the shop to show our different … Continue reading