Design Development

At this point, we are about midway through the development of our individual designs for the GAP Shed.  Talking amongst the studio, it seems that there is a constant struggle between creating a cool and interesting design versus making the structure economical and easily built.  I believe we will learn a lot through this struggle [...]


Presentation - Great meeting for our clients and us last Friday,  full of communication there, during which we did great reporting our intense in-depth research. Lots of customer preferences feedback helps me to revise data to adapt to specific cases, and move forward to individual design. Goals- In terms of solving problem once and for all, [...]


Last Friday we had a great presentation, Ray Huff,  Meg, Frasier, and Rory, Dale had Harry joined us. And after the review, that is last weekend,  we are trying to turn the research and the feedback from our guests into the design. And  Yuxiang kindly draw a site plan for us! Have to say, it's no easy [...]

Applying Knowledge Intuitively

As Nicole wrote about on Friday, we held a presentation that afternoon to discuss the many factors that will directly influence the design of the GAP Shed prototype (You can see the presentation slides here). We had a great group join us in the conversation. Ray Huff was there to add his creative and logistical expertise, not [...]

First Presentation

Studio V’s Research Presentation came together nicely today. We presented what we have learned about GAP, and the cleaning, cooling, water, energy, and materials that it requires.  We also presented options for organizing space, as well as ways to build for mobility and flexibility. Even after two weeks of vigorous research, there is still much [...]


Our presentation is packaged and ready to go!  Not only do we all anticipate informing our guests tomorrow over how our agricultural shed can comply to the very many Good Agricultural Practices standards, but we in return hope to gain insight from our guests; many who are very knowledgeable within the GAP realm.  We will learn [...]


Although we were quite busy, each one of us has made big breakthrough on our research at last weekend. Before that, we are not sure about where to start and narrow down the topic. Take me as an example, when I was going through the GAP checklist files, I found it was covering a wide [...]

Getting Connected

On Monday we met in order to further talk about the research we are doing. We are really seeing how much overlap there is between all these different parts. Communication is key. Over the past couple of days I will randomly get GAP standards emails from You if he believes they can help me in any way. [...]

Jack of All Trades, Master of One

A "Jack of all trades, master of none" is a figure of speech used in reference to a person that is competent with many skills but is not necessarily outstanding in any particular one. This person is a generalist rather than a specialist. Now, as a student of architecture, I was introduced to Leonardo da Vinci and [...]

Castle Pinckney

Today we visited Castle Pinckney in the Charleston Harbor.  This is the site of Studio U's project, but we in Studio V came along for the ride in order to see the castle and a different view than we see everyday of the city.  Castle Pinckney was an old fort during the Civil War, and [...]