This Isn’t Farewell

I would like to talk about the semester and the pulse dome project, but i’m not going to.  I’m not going to talk about bamboo or domes or bridges or dancing ladies.  I want to talk about me… and the rest of the students at the CACC, and where we go from here.  With the … Continue reading

Dome Energy

It’s almost time for us to leave the CAC.C and head home for a much needed break.  When I think back on the semester I know that every problem we had to overcome was worth it.  I wish our dome could have been on the corner of Marion Square where everyone could walk on it … Continue reading

Tying off the Loose Ends (redux)

So here we are at the end of the semester, and we are wrapping things up one day at a time. It really didn’t hit me until I helped take down the timeline board in the Halsey, as the exhibit dedicated to Don Zanfagna has come to a close. One by one the strings came … Continue reading

Living Legends

This was a pretty exciting weekend for Studio V. We have been working all semester in preparation for the ZanFagna inspired symposium Bio-Logical Architecture: Past, Present, and Future. Since we couldn’t bring the dome to the symposium, the special guests of the symposium came to the dome. Saturday morning William Katavolos and Linda Weintraub, the two … Continue reading

The End is in Sight

After a long night last night, we finally completed our documentation in the form of a timeline collage, styled after Don ZanFagna’s sketchbooks.   This document shows a diagram of our design process, linking ideas throughout the semester to the final product and the designs leading to it.  This creates a web effect of different … Continue reading

DonZanfagn-cumenting Pulse Dome

Today we got started on documenting the project and doing a little touch up work on the bridge. No real major work just lashing on some footholds on the ramp so that when Katavolos and Don Zanfagna come to see the Pulse Dome they will be able to get up on the bridge and experience … Continue reading

Party Time

Last night was awesome to say the least.  We finally got the dome all the way completed and spent the day getting ready for a little party/get together.  To get ready we had a lot of clean up to do.  We needed to clean out the shop but most importantly we were cleaning off the … Continue reading

Final week!

After returning from a restful weekend, we were very pleased to see the dome still held its form from last Thursday night. Today was an important day as well. We made final touches to the dome to make sure it has the durability to withstand the pressure of a numerous amount of people and touch … Continue reading

Mission (Almost) Complete!

We are all very excited and happy with the way the dome and bridge turned out that everyone is pumped to show it off! Thursday night we constructed the rest of the dome and we finished early enough for most of us to get a nice break for the weekend. It took us an extra … Continue reading

Just Enough Time To Catch Our Breath

We are at a time of the semester that is very gratifying. We have completed the build portion of this fall’s project and everyone is very excited and relieved that things finally came together. Although there were many problems and roadblocks along the way, and at many times we almost through in the towel, persistance … Continue reading