Is this real life?

The past three days we have been working so hard to get this project done. Some of us even showed up to the woodshop at 6:00 in the morning. I am so happy to say that everyone's efforts have finally paid off. This semester has been exciting, challenging and at some points disappointing. Despite many setbacks, everyone still remained [...]

Back to the Drawing Board

So here we are back from break and we have quite a few decisions to make concerning the project. Considering we still can not build in Marion Square due to the issue with the Washington Light Infantry, our class has had to figure out where we could place our project for display. That isn't our only issue [...]

Bamboo Bustless

Lately we have been having trouble with the bamboo breaking while in construction of the dome.  The problem occurs when we have to lash two or more pieces of bamboo together in order to get the proper length.  The bamboo, when bent and continuously stressed would break where the overlapping bamboo terminated.  The decision was [...]

Learn and Lash

Today a Charleston City official informed us that we would not be able to build our dome on the fountain in Marion Square. Here are the details… We went through the right process to get everything approved. We kept some Committee officials informed through the entire process by meeting with them on many different occasions [...]

A Cold Day

Today the weather just did not seem to want to cooperate.  It rained off and on pretty much the whole day not to mention it was about 50 degrees.  The weather did not hinder our progress too much however because we had a couple loose ends we needed to tie up.  Individual pieces of the [...]

Clutch Time!

The team began early this morning finishing up on the second truss that we had to reconstruct. Today seemed very clutch. As its been stated in the previous posts our extension has been pushed back a couple of days, therefore that gives us a little time to further test the materials to make sure we [...]

Mixed Emotions

  Well yesterday felt like the biggest setback we've come across. But we have to move forward! I feel like everyone has a share of mixed emotions; some are frustration, sleepiness, and excitement. We are all still excited to build this and get this project done. But I also feel a physical, emotional, and mental [...]