This past week was particularly slow do to the extended break we had from our fall break, but were now more ready then ever to push out the best final product as possible. With only so little time to get everything on paper to show to the Charleston comity we need to really come together as a unit so we can begin to build in the upcoming weeks.

We have split task between everyone to speed the process up. Were focusing in on types of lashings and how to prevent the bamboo from slipping, also seeing what happens if the lashing gets wet and how to join long pieces of bamboo. Were working on how the bamboo needs to be cut for the stairs, risers, and guardrails. Some other aspects we have to resolve are, the height of the dome, methods of weaving bamboo strips, and how the whole structure comes together as a unit.

Some aspirations that we have are to have a bridge go across the dome and the bridge to be supported by the dome itself. We have many design ideas in mind, now what is left to do is to pick one and run with it. Also now that we have seen what the bamboo is capable of this is one aspect to our design that we most definitely will not change.

I like how our project has evolved and I look forward to the upcoming weeks, especially looking forward to finally being able to build.

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