Check this out!

After a brief presentation to a local architect, we began cutting 10 inch long bamboo sticks to test stair treads. First, we began a tight lashing technique on both ends of the bamboo to prevent any slippage. Afterwards we took two massive bamboo strips which are approximately 2 inches in diameter, as supporting poles for [...]

The Low Down

So it's getting to that point in the project where the rubber meets the road. Up to this point, we've thought up, tested and drawn many concepts that we hope to integrate into our project, and now its time to get down to the nitty-gritty of the design for the Pulse Dome structure on the [...]


I'm not sure if it's the pressure of the looming presentation before the city of Charleston's Design Review Committee, or the excitement to finally be building after months of designing, but this weekend has been an momentous one. There are many, many pieces to this project, and it is very important that all these parts pay attention [...]

Outside help

Last week marked the opening of the Pulse Dome exhibit. We went there to check out the artwork and were a bit surprised by the atmosphere. It seemed like we are surrounded by artists while listening to a band and sipping fine wine. The artwork was beautifully displayed and gave a great representation of Zanfagna's [...]

Art Waits for No Man

The build phase of the project is nearly here and we are putting the finishing touches on the design for our bamboo "Pulse Dome."  We are still working out the construction method of the bamboo bridge, joining details, and a weaving method to incorporate into the guardrails.  This may seem like a lot of work still left [...]

Digital Dome

Over the last couple weeks we have found that 3D modeling our design is going to help us a lot when it comes time to build.  We started with simple dome studies and decided that we liked the dome that has all its pieces radiating from six points (second from right in the picture below). [...]

Getting It Together

We this week starting off on a great note; development of the dome and structure is coming along quite well. Numbers and calculations are coming along with what needs to be at what length and with what diameter in the structure. One of the challenges with figuring out EXACTLY what this "dome" will look like [...]

Super _______

This weekend was key to the development of the Pulse Dome.  We made strides away from the conceptual design by defining the structural expectations, the sequence of landings and stairs, and the specific placement of some of the bamboo members.  The current struggle is in the attempt to generate a structure that physically and visually [...]


This past week was particularly slow do to the extended break we had from our fall break, but were now more ready then ever to push out the best final product as possible. With only so little time to get everything on paper to show to the Charleston comity we need to really come together [...]

The Handoff Has Been Made

You may or may not have noticed my absence the last couple of weeks on this blog, so you probably figure a big well thought out post should follow the hiatus. The problem is I was out of town all weekend and now I find myself under the weather. So, I will leave the poetics [...]