How to deal with mistakes…

It is 23:12 pm and I am writing from the Studio V headquarters. In a week from today we will be relaxing by the beach somewhere in the Bahamas with a pina colada. I can almost taste it now. That and a mixture of metal and wood shavings, glue and sweat. We are working at … Continue reading

We’re On The Move!

Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen, we’re moving! Today we delivered our outdoor installation to the corner of Calhoun and St. Philip Street. Things went fairly smoothly with the transportation and placement. It fit perfectly on to the concrete slabs we laid out the night before and was well received by Mark and many people … Continue reading

Under Pressure

The wood arrived Monday as we began to finish up the inner steel structure of our platform. We had to break up into a number of smaller task groups to get some things done, and that we did. Over the weekend we bought paint for our outdoor structure, so we began painting and finished with … Continue reading


Going into every semester of teaching Studio V, I am confident that the new batch of students will rise to the challenge and overachieve on the given project.  This group has been no exception so far.  At every step of the way this semester the students have met their deadlines, and exceeded expectations, until recently.  … Continue reading

No let up!

Progress is being made but there is no time for slacking.  On the 1st of May, a rigging company comes to help us move our massive steel structure into the Halsey so there is no time for fooling around.  That gives us 11 days to finish building this thing.  Luckily, we are knocking things off … Continue reading

Tighten Up!

“Tighten up” is a phrase I first heard while working on a construction job site a few years ago. It typically means “work harder to get the job done.” As time winds down we must “tighten up”, not the kind Lucy is doing in the video below. Our pace must be steady… and productive. … Continue reading

We are evolving.

  It looked almost impossible to make it right. But, we did it!! At first, nobody took the outdoor proposal seriously. After we started to design it actually, it has been always pain in the ass. (Can I say it? If it is a really bad term, I am sorry.) Even after finalizing the design, … Continue reading

Surprise of the Semester

It seems that the part of our project that was always on the back burner, the outdoor proposal for the Halsey window, will be the first thing that we complete and install.  We’ve cut, welded and ground all of the steel fins and are now beginning to slide them into the vertical structure one by … Continue reading

“Measure Twice Cut Once”

As a wise man once said, “Measure twice cut once.”  This quote signifies our current situation in studio V.  As you all know, we are now the the process of building our viwing platform from the Halsey.  Everyone is at the shop daily.  Today we finsished the cutting on all of our steel and started … Continue reading

Be prepared to modify your plan. It’ ll be good for you!

With 22 days left till the final review our studio is in full swing, working day and night to reach the goal and complete our project. Although now that I think about it for the architects the projects are never complete. So technically our goal is to almost complete the project… since I know Prof. … Continue reading