It’s in the Details

The decision has been made! After meeting with Mark Sloan, the curator and ultimately our client for the project, we have choosen to move forward with the original scheme. The two schemes were modeled and shown one on top of the other (literally two projectors stacked on top of eachother) and each group took turns [...]

Decision Time

Greetings from Studio V!  It has been a somewhat tumultuous past few days for us here with some differing opinions concerning the basic look of our design.  Some of us believed that the basic concept and design language had been settled upon and all we had left was to figure out, in more detail, how this [...]

Going to Meet the Man

Monday: @2pm...Studio V met with Mr. John Moore, a well respected engineer, to receive feedback about the structural details of our project. Mr. Moore suggested that we construct most of it out of structural steel tubes to resist deflection and bending. Furthermore, he suggested ways to connect the guardrails and handrails to the structure. The [...]

Working to Code

There have been just a few times that I have come across something that energizes me and reminds me why I do what I do.  Here is one of those moments: A few weeks ago my colleague Dan Harding in Clemson sent me an email with a video attachment.  I opened it on my phone [...]

Stubborn and Yielding

Stubborn and yielding. Obviously the latter is considered as a virtue in our society always. Also, the former is regarded as a bad personality to fix and correct. But, I think in this design field the characteristic "stubborn" is not a bad thing at all. I am not telling it because I am stubborn. (maybe...) Of course, it makes [...]

Ideal vs. Real

Now that we have narrowed our ideas down from 11 individual designs to 1 group design with 11 team members, we can no longer push aside budgetary restrictions and other dilemmas associated with realizing a project.  We need to get our structure approved by a practicing engineer, our materials priced and ordered soon so that [...]


"love" written in Japanese As you all know, this past Monday we had our small group review with Motoi and a Japanese translator. As the review unfolded, I was fascinated by how the language barrier completely changed the review dynamic.  No longer were we rambling on about minute details of our projects, but instead were forced [...]

A Work in Progress

They say that it took the egyptians on average around 30 years to build a pyramid, and in the past two weeks each of the groups in our studio have accomplished a task equally as respectable.  The progression of each of our design groups was more than evident to anyone who attended our most recent review with [...]

And then there was one…

Brilliant, beautiful, well developed, original, elegant, interesting, top-notch - those were just some of the words that were used to describe our projects this morning by our guest critics at the review. Today after a sleepless night for the many of us we were able to present our project to the artist himself via skype: [...]