goodbye old friends

*teamwork, as defined by wikipedia, is 'The combined action of a group of people, esp. when effective and efficient.' Though we were not always effective or efficient, we were always a team. well guys, this is it: the Last blog post. I don't want to drag this out or get too sentimental, but I'm going [...]

Dissolve, disperse

About three and a half months ago this team was assembled. For better and worse, these are the people we have been with day and night for a great deal of that time. Now, having completed our task. it is time for this team to dissolve. It is time to depart the great city of [...]

Bring on the Tears!

Now that we have all contributed at least a little blood and sweat to the project, it is time for the tears.  Many things in life are not appreciated until they are gone, but I think that we all know to savor these last moments of studio while they last.  I think that I can [...]

What Now?

Our final review was yesterday, and as the previous post said, it went very well.  We had a great turn out of people, including professors, architects, urban planners, and people from the City of Charleston.  They were all amazed at the project, and Jacob Lindsey, a professor at the CAC.C and head of Fabric Urban [...]

Review Day

Today marked the day of Studio V's final review of the semester.  Unfortunately, I'm extremely disappointed and apologize I wasn't able to be present until the very end of the presentation due to a vehicle break down.  After being left stranded near Columbia and now hundreds of dollars in the hole from a rental car, [...]

Thank You

I had every intention to post this entry last weekend over the Thanksgiving break, but life got the better of me.  It would have been more timely then, but I'd now like to take this opportunity to thank some people and groups who have been integral in helping with this semester's Studio V project. There [...]

One more weekend…the last of many

  Looking at our structure near completion, it is easy to forget where it all started. As I prepare myself for one last weekend with Studio V, I thought it would be nice to remember the progress we have made over the last month of construction. We have been taking a time lapse video (which [...]

See ya later, concrete!

As I sit listening to the Elf soundtrack, I can’t help but think about all of the eggnog I’ll be drinking, all of the gingerbread cookies I’ll be eating, all of the times I’ll be watching A Christmas Story, and all of the work I won’t be doing after our project in Corinne Jones Park [...]