[3] FRIDAY: Fridays are usually the end of the work week however, for Studio V it is merely the beginning! (well, I guess the beginning was actually several weeks ago, but for the sake of the countdown…just go with it) We are all working very hard tonight to finalize any loose ends in regard to the … Continue reading

Intentional Mistakes?

I’ve been thinking lately about what our work and our process look like to someone who is not as design-oriented. So, for those of you reading who may not be all that familiar with the architectural (or landscape architectural) design process, I thought I would provide a little insight into how we come about the … Continue reading

A Never Ending Process

So I just got home and  made myself some cinnamon toast.  I’ve eaten a couple of times today I think, but I barely remember it, so it doesn’t count right?  Let’s just say we’ve been hard at work and all of my days and hours are kind of becoming a blur!!  Then, I began thinking … Continue reading

What is this….a center for ants?

For any fans of the movie Zoolander, you can probably recall the quote when Derek is shown the model of his proposed school:   “What is this….a center for ants?  It would have to be atleast….three times this big.”  Our class too has begun to construct models of our proposed designs for Corrine Jones Park, … Continue reading

Successful weekend leads to an exciting new week

I’m sure I can speak for all of my fellow students of Studio V when I say it was a great experience to help out at the Corinne Jones Playground fundraising event, and get to meet and greet the neighbors of Wagener Terrace who will eventually use and enjoy the structure we will build in … Continue reading

Rain, rain, go away!

It was 10:30 Saturday morning and I was sitting in my house watching the rain fall wondering how the park fund-raising party was going to be pulled off, or even if it would happen at all.  Luckily the rain stopped around noon and the sun came out.  While rain continued to threaten the rest of … Continue reading

the Dream Team

Now that we’ve split into groups, it’s time to make some magic happen… Now that we are arranged into our dream teams, we spent this friday colloborating, thinking, eating chocolate, designing, charreting, and deciding what our designs should become. It can certainly be difficult to take three or four unique ideas and turn it into … Continue reading

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Please

Today some of my fellow classmates were talking about some brownies that they recently made, but forgot to bring in to studio. I was devastated and so distracted that I nearly sent my newly-sharpened 3/4″ chisel into the tip of my finger instead of my dovetail. Delicious treats are dangerous on a number of levels … Continue reading

From 10 to 3: A Step Closer to a Final Scheme

Today’s studio was a pivotal moment in the project’s development.  Each student presented their individual scheme to the group, and after an intense deliberation process between the reviewers, three schemes were chosen to move forward.  Unlike previous semesters where the direction may have been clearer, the groups were created out of individual strengths of each … Continue reading

Place Your Bets….

  The studio is filled with scraps of chip board, bass wood, clay and metal mesh, and miniature models are set carefully out of the way.  Our individual designs are coming around, and we are presenting them tomorrow and narrowing them down to 3 ideas to pursue.  We have each explored structure, materials, shading and … Continue reading