The first half of the frames are FINITO

Tidings and greetings to all!  Construction has finally begun and we have gotten off to a racing start.  12 out of the 21 frames were built within two days and in a mere few hours 🙂  The most time consuming part thus far has been figuring out how to notch the compost members so that [...]

Finally It’s Time To Build

It has now come down to this.  We have completed our construction documents, have the details worked out and the budget is complete, the next step is to purchase our supplies and begin construction.  After going in front of the review board, we are now just doing the left side of our wall:  this includes [...]

The Verdict

Last week we presented our project to the Charleston Design Review Board. Our presentation went really well. We were all very well prepared, had more than sufficient material and got pretty good feedback from everyone on the board. We have continued working while waiting for their approval. Today, Prof. Hambright met with some of the [...]

One Week Until Construction Begins

Happy Saturday, well it was Saturday when I started writing this!  It is a beautiful day outside, but unfortunately myself and four other students are stuck in the shop in order to finish our boxes for ITC before our due date on Tuesday.  The first week back from break was a bit hectic with a [...]

The “Tension” is Building

After completing the cable system on the vertical wall, and having it checked by a structural engineer, we have now decided to simplify the cable system because with the last system, we were not able to get the cables tight enough.  Simplifying the system will not only reduce the amount of waste we will have, [...]

A Quick Synopsis

The following slide show consists of a site plan, wall plan,  wall elevation and perspective of our Vertical Vegetable Wall located in the Elliotborough Community Garden. The garden is located right off of Crosstown giving it  and our future vegetable wall a great deal of exposure to the public. The Elliotborough garden consists an amphitheatre, a playground, and vegetable [...]

Spring Break – Box Design

This past week was spring break for the students and faculty at the CAC.C, a welcomed breather to catch up on projects in other classes and for myself, life tasks, like filling out my tax return and working on spring internship applications.  A major project that I began over break was constructing my wood box [...]

A garden starts with compost

Besides getting presentation material together for donations and the Design Review Board, I have been working on the compost.  After doing some research, I developed a a scheme that is visually appealing and functional to the act of composting.  Starting at the west side of the wall, the Compost System consists of three compost bins [...]

How we got there

Last night we pretty much finished the mock up. It took a lot of hard work and some careful decisions to finish. I think that its important though, to acknowledge the process we took to get to this finished result. One of the larger scale models we made was a good example of this. By making the [...]

Goodbye Spring Break! It’s Been Real.

So.... what's up.... it's been awhile.  I know.  I apologize for forgetting about you.  It's nothing personal.  You've just slipped my mind the last couple weeks, but I'm going to make it up to you, I promise.  Starting.... NOW! Spring break was excellent, so refreshing.  I had some ME time to do whatever I wanted.  [...]