Supplying More Than Just Water

One of the things I have been looking into the last few days is how we could use the roof of the existing building to store water and pump it to the entire vertical garden.  When first looking into it, I never realized how many details went into putting it all together.  First starting we [...]

It’s all about the details …

Now that the studio is united into an 8 person team for the final wall design the work has been all about the details!  We are working to design the storage, compost, water collection and irrigation, as well as the planting system for the wall.  Many, many, many details need to be worked out and [...]

getting into the details

As we near getting the design ironed out we are constantly designing the details of everything. This includes the compost area, storage, the water collection system, the walkway, and the planting it self. Every time we begin to think of solutions we are constantly and simultaneously thinking of construction and cost. Although the tasks ahead are a little daunting, [...]

Workin’ it out

This past week has been a rush of working out details, functions and program forms. We thought we may have hit a wall on our progress but our meeting yesterday gave us the boost we really needed to keep going on this project. We worked out some programmatic issues and how they would best be [...]

Connection Central

While placed on 'connection detail' over the weekend I started investigating the various methods and their appearance. If you're not familiar with bolt connections, this site seems to cover the basics (and probably a little more).  It also has some intense equations that I suspect we will not be needing for a project of our [...]

Irrigation Methods

Our ultimate goal is to use a water catchment system that can be filtered and used  to water our vertical wall design.  After doing extensive research, our original idea of a gravity drip irrigation system would not be the most efficient.  The pressure needed to span the entire wall (which is determined by the height [...]

Just Some Research

So we have really buckled down to make our design a reality! I have been tasked with looking at the rainwater harvesting feature of our vertical garden. With this task comes a lot of research! I have looked at all kinds of websites about rainbarrels and cisterns and downspouts...the only thing missing is some really [...]

The Day Off

After a long week of planning, designing, diagrams, and presentations, I took Sunday afternoon off and visited Patriots Point.  This might sound selfish or even a little lazy but all I was doing was trying to get a clear head for the next phase of this semester long project.  I have to start off by [...]


The past few weeks have been a bit hectic around the CAC.C studio.  With midterms fastly approaching all of us are rushing to complete course work and move along with our group projects in Studio V.  This Monday, as in Valentine's Day, we are presenting the two projects that were chosen after last Friday's individual [...]