We’re gonna smash them together.

Today is day one of a week long individual design charrette. On Friday, we presented our fruit/vegetable analyses and got our assignment for this week to take what we learned from our fruit/vegetable analysis and what we now know about the site, pick one of 6 different individual onsite locations and create a design for a [...]

The Infamous Pepper

This week has been challenging in many aspects but the one that got to me was the green bell pepper.  Building models have never been a part of my arsenal, but to make one that represents void space, structure and skin I found to be very difficult.  In the beginning of this project I brought [...]

The End of the Beginning

  So we have finally finished our vegetable/fruit project and I now understand the significance of the project. We are using our fruit diagrams and architectural ideas to influence our vertical garden design. We learned from our reading of Greg Lynn that it doesn't matter the origin of our design. Diagrams are meant to be experimental and productive [...]

There and Back Again: An Elliotborough Tale

A day that started out warm and sunny quickly turned windy and cold.  This did not deter us! Our group took two vehicles from studio (Sallie's Prius and my ManVan) and we both converged on the glorious site of Elliotborough! Sallie, Adrian, Jessica, Jennifer, and Jason walk towards the park. We arrived shortly after the [...]

Model Building and Site Location….

Tonight I sit on the floor of my room surrounded by an array of odds and ends materials of which are currently coming together to convey the architectural elements of an artichoke.  Who would of thought a shower curtain, plastic page protectors, a plastic expandable filing system, styrofoam, wire, paper, and felt could join together [...]

Elliotborough Meeting Preparation

In anticipation of our first meeting with a possible client on Wednesday, January 26, Studio V has begun to wrap up the Site Analysis of 6 possible locations for our Vertical Garden project.  We plan on bringing our updated Site Analysis to the meeting, along with some proposed building areas within the Elliotbourogh Community Garden [...]

Keep on truckin’

In between watching the NFL conference championships, watching the Texas A&M basketball team dominate Kansas State, and eating some delicious meals from awesome downtown Charleston eatieries, my studiomates and I have been making progress this last weekend. Prospective sites have been established (which I don't want to reveal as to build suspense) and we are beginning to [...]

Continuing Analysis

Over the weekend, we will all be working to create diagrams, gather plans and draw sections for each of the sites that we have been looking at for our vertical garden project. After we gather all of the information that will be important to know and we have analyzed the different sites in depth, looking at [...]

Finding a site…

Today in studio, we began by sitting in on each other's vegetable/fruit critique. The process was very helpful and informative to see and learn what everyone else is working on. Then we went over the analysis of 5 possible options for the site of the vertical garden we will be designing. These places include Elliotborough [...]