document. document. document.

Well, we all met as a studio out on the beautiful veranda this afternoon.  We discussed the schedule for the rest of the semester, but mostly talked about our next deadline which is Wednesday December 1st.   After Studio U presents their final schemes on Wednesday, we will present our documentation for both projects. Becca [...]

Super-duper. Sweet-action. Awesome.

Greetings and Salutations! Since the viewing of Citizen Architect on last Thursday, we have had some exciting happenings. First and foremost, the day following the big screening marked our project review. Notable and esteemed individuals included Mark Sloan from the Halsey, Ray Huff from the CAC.C, Jeff Johnston from SMHA (a former student of the [...]


Watching the movie. Despite everything, this is an incredible experience and a heck of an angle on this beautiful screen.  Normally, I can be a man of many words, but I think this picture pretty much says it all.  Great night for a movie in the park. Go Studio V!

All on TEST

During these days almost all the parts have been build and assembled into right way. And we tested trailer, structure and screen. Every thing works well, but still some tiny issues have been found during the tests. So, we made a list for all the parts to be fixed.2 days left,  Get ready to push [...]

Tired but Excited

I almost didn't post tonight.  It's been a long weekend and I am exhausted, but a lot of progress has been made I need to mention.  Almost all of the parts have been made for the movie screen and we are planning on standing the structure up for the first time tomorrow.  The trailer is [...]