Autumn Showers Bring Studio Powers

Today was a day of reckoning for Studio V.  We began assembly of the smallest wall at 1:30 in a downpour that continued all afternoon.  The steel foundations were set into the gravel outside the jail – a much softer ground than we will be working with in Marion Square – staked in with rebar, [...]

All Set

After about two weeks preparing, finally, all the components have been set up for the first short wall’s construction. Everybody is exhausted, but shiny smile could be seen on every classmate’s face because design will come true. And I think the most charming part in design and build studio, it is seen design not only [...]

Prepping for Construction

Yesterday, about half the class met at JMO Woodworks to begin milling and cutting dado's into our boards. We formed an assembly line of sorts with Elissa and me ripping the boards of various widths down to a uniform 1 1/2" square, and cutting the longest pieces to length, 8' to be exact. After being [...]

Haint Blue no more

Over the weekend four students and I traveled to Wilmington, NC to acquire more wood.  I know what you might be thinking... Is it very smart to travel three and a half hours away to get some 2x4's?  Maybe not, but there was a greater reason for the trip.  The wood we picked up was [...]

Laser Tagging

For the past few days, Lauren and I have been assigned the task of experimenting with samples of our donated acrylic and the laser cutter. At first we laughed at the task, writing it off as one of the easiest things we could be asked to do. Granted, we are both undergrads and have never [...]


Signage is one of the most important aspects of this design.  It is the point of the entire kiosk in Marion Square, to relay information about the Earth Art Expo to the Charleston community.  I have been working on the signage team!  It has been an exciting experience! Yesterday, 3 of us drove out to [...]

Transition in Progress

New Signage Idea

Materiality has been a major focus for Studio V. The materials used and the manner they are utilized form the backbone for whole Bluesphere kiosk. This weekend was spent with hours of work on developing a material count and trips to beautiful Kiawah Island and Folly Beach. Before you get too excited I should note [...]

A Clean Slate

I took the photo above this morning in Clemson right before I made my way back to Charleston after a weekend faculty retreat.  I always find it interesting to visit a construction site at this point of the process.  The trees are cleared and the soil is graded; it's a clean slate. We are at [...]